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Product Center

Our company develops and produces offset sublimation inks and offset printing inks, which are mainly used in the advertising printing and clothing printing industries. Our inks have high gloss, bright colors, and strong light fastness.

Offset Sublimation Ink

Glossy sublimation ink: This product is high-gloss, fast-drying, with high concentration and bright colors. It is mainly used in the traditional offset clothing printing industry, belongs to hot stamping embossing process.

Fluorescent Sublimation Ink

Fluorescent sublimation ink: This product is mainly divided into two fluorescent colors: fluorescent magenta and fluorescent yellow. After the fabric is transferred and under exposed to ultraviolet light, it has a fluorescent effect and the color is brighter.

Dilute Ink

Ink Reducer: This product is a reducer, which mainly adjusts the color depth of ink before printing and plays the role of color adjustment.

Food Grade Offset Ink

Pure vegetable oil ink: This product is pure vegetable oil, mainly suitable for food-grade printing, green and environmentally friendly, solvent-free, high-quality fixing and fast-drying properties, high gloss and high wear resistance.

High Gloss Offset Ink

High-gloss, fast-drying, non-skinning offset ink: This product is a high-gloss, fast-drying ink. It is widely used in advertising, packaging, labels and publication printing, etc. It has high color density, fast drying on paper, excellent emulsification balance and good transfer ability.

Medium Quick-Drying Offset Ink

Glossy, quick-drying, non-skinning offset ink: This product is a glossy, non-skimming type. It is mainly suitable for various types of paper and book printing. It has good color density, high-quality fixing speed and greatly reduces the amount of powder spray. It has good Wear resistance.

Ordinary Low Odor Offset Ink

Ordinary low-odor ink: This product has low VOC content and complies with ROBINSON's international odor evaluation standards. It has low odor and good ink balance. It dries quickly on paper, has clear dots, and is wear-resistant.

Offset UV Ink

offset UV ink: This product is an LED-UV curing ink, a green energy-saving ink with high sensitivity and high reactivity corresponding to the LED-UV drying system. It has full color, saves electricity, is environmentally friendly, has fast curing speed and has low odor.

The company develops and produces digital inkjet inks,Sublimation inks, Pigment inks and UV inks, which are mainly used for textile digital printing, advertising inkjet printing, digital printing and building materials decoration. Our inks have good fluency, bright colors and high gloss, and are light-fastness; Strong color fastness to washing.

Desktop Printing Ink

Desktop printing ink: This product includes desktop printing dye ink, pigment ink and sublimation ink. It is mainly suitable for office printing and advertising printing. It has nano-level fine filtration, smooth printing without clogging, bright colors, strong tinting power, and strong water resistance.

Sublimation Printing Ink

Sublimation textile ink: This product is a digital textile printing ink, suitable for printing on more than 70% of chemical fiber fabrics. It adopts new particle dispersion technology. The ink performance is more stable, the color is bright, the color fastness is high, and the standby and smooth performance are good. Meet high-speed printing needs.

DTF / DTG  Ink

DTF ink/DTG ink: This product is DTF heat transfer and DTG direct injection ink. It is suitable for cotton, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, curtains, etc. It uses high-performance materials to improve the tensile strength of the ink. White ink has strong hiding power. The color ink has good compatibility, the printing feels soft, and the stretch and resilience are good.


UV-DTF ink: This product is used on UV-DTF crystal mark , suitable for soft film, PVC transparent film, leather flexible materials and acrylic, metal (coating), glass (coating) hard materials, etc., environmentally friendly and low Smell-free, strong adhesion, scratch-resistant and not easy to fall off.

UV Ink

UV ink: This product is flexible, neutral and hard LED-UV ink, suitable for soft film, PVC transparent film, leather flexible materials and acrylic, metal (coating), glass (coating) hard materials, etc., environmentally friendly with Low odor, strong adhesion, scratch-resistant and not easy to fall off.

The company mainly sells various digital ink supporting printers, which are mainly widely used in office printing, advertising inkjet printing, textile digital printing, crystal marking and UV-LED curing industries. Digital printing has high fluency, high strength, stable operation performance and is not easy to deform , low noise.

Desktop Inkjet Printer

Desktop inkjet printer: This product is a small desktop office printer. It is mainly suitable for office printing, graphics, imaging, advertising printing, etc. The digital inkjet printing has realistic image quality, high resolution and high durability.

Sublimation Printer

Dye-sublimation printer: This product is a digital textile printing machine. There are one printer head ,two- printer head, four-printer head, eight-head and sixteen-head industrial printing machines. It is mainly suitable for the textile printing industry. It has realistic image quality, stable high speed, and can print immediately without screen making and toner matching; it meets high-speed printing requirements.

DTF Printer

DTF heat transfer/DTG direct inkjet machine: This product is an industrial heat transfer film printer, a format heat transfer film shaker machine and a direct-injection single-duplex station printer. It supports printing solutions: white + color + shake powder heat transfer printing, imported High-speed silent linear guide rail, lift-adjustable trolley frame, white ink automatic mixing system.

UV-DTF Printer

UV-DTF crystal label machine: This product is a UV-DTF crystal label printer that supports printing solutions: white + color + varnish;four-color or six-color printing, imported high-speed silent linear guide rails, lift-adjustable small frame; White ink automatic stirring system provides high-precision printing support for high-quality print output.

UV Printer

UV flatbed printer: This product is a UV flatbed printer, supporting printing solutions: color + white + varnish lithographic printing, integrated frame, automatic cleaning device, two or three EPSON piezoelectric printer heads, infrared automatic lifting, all-aluminum plate suction wind ensures smooth paper feeding and stable printing.

About Zhongliqi


Henan Zhongliqi Printing Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, focusing on the chemical industry. It is a subsidiary of Lefilter Group Co., Ltd. The company relies on the original Xinxiang Ink Factory and the sublimation heat transfer ink research institute. In 2012, the group company underwent shareholding restructuring and officially established Henan Zhongliqi Printing Materials Co., Ltd. as an independent operating subsidiary of Lefilter Group.

Our company specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and domestic and foreign trade sales of heat transfer ink, offset printing ink, digital printing ink, and other products. The product is widely used in industries such as advertising printing, packaging printing, textile printing, and advertising spray painting. The company currently has two major production bases, Xinxiang and Shanghai. The total factory area of the production base is 68000 square meters, with a construction area of over 30000 square meters. Since its establishment, the company has 18 semi-automatic production lines, professional raw material grinding and color paste production, and professional semi-finished/finished ink packaging production lines. The annual production capacity can reach 8000 tons. At the same time, the company can provide OEM&ODM customized services to external parties.

Our company has multiple technical testing and product development rooms, as well as environmental testing rooms, and we have nearly 150 instruments and equipment. Inspect the composition and purity of raw materials through instruments such as liquid chromatography and ion chromatography; Analyze the particle morphology and distribution in ink using a laser particle size analyzer; By using nano grinding technology, ink particles can achieve a normal nano distribution. Our product is green and environmentally friendly, and currently has multiple domestic research and practical patents. We have obtained domestic ISO quality system certification and ten ring certification, as well as international REACH, SGS, MSDS and other strong qualification certifications.

Our company adheres to the service philosophy of "honest operation, customer first" and the development strategy of "exploring and innovating, seeking truth and pragmatism". Our products are popular both domestically and internationally, with over 700 domestic and international partners and agents.

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