Corporate Culture

Zhongliqi Vision: Let's work together, achieve win-win cooperation, and come for a colorful world!

【Company Operations】
Customer First
Service Priority Focus & Professionalism
Honesty & Trustworthiness

【Company Spirit】
Create BeDedicated

【Corporate Mission】
Leading The Industry
Influence The World
Drawing Beautiful Life
Adding Color To Life

Organizational Discipline

  • 1、Comply with company conventions;
    2、Improve service quality;
    3、Strengthen personal skills;
    4、Take work seriously and responsibly

  • 1、Communication should be calm and composed;
    2、Cooperation should be open and honest;
    3、Responsible for purchasing goods;
    4、Selling products requires fulfilling responsibilities;

  • 1、Strong skill level is required;
    2、Strong job responsibilities;
    3、Strong management logic is required;
    4、Have a strong ideological consciousness.

Team Presentation

Client Messages


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