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Fluorescent ink: a new force in reshaping the printing industry

Fluorescent ink, as a new type of printing ink, is causing a profound impact in the printing industry. Compared with traditional printing inks, fluorescent inks have a series of advantages, which not only bring new opportunities to the printing industry, but also promote the technological progress of the printing industry.

First, fluorescent ink has a strong visual effect. The surface of its printed matter can emit strong and relatively saturated colors, thereby attracting people's attention. Especially under black light and ultraviolet light, the color of fluorescent ink is more vivid, which can attract the attention of the audience in various occasions. This feature makes fluorescent ink have a wide range of application prospects in advertising, entertainment venues and other fields.

Secondly, fluorescent ink is an environmentally friendly ink. Compared with solvent-based printing inks and pigment-based printing inks, fluorescent ink has the advantages of not corroding the nozzle, not polluting the environment, and not clogging the nozzle. This is of great significance for improving printing efficiency and protecting the environment.

Third, fluorescent ink can provide high-quality printing effects. During the printing process, fluorescent ink can maintain a stable viscosity, is not easy to paste the plate, does not change the physical properties during the printing process, and does not volatilize the solvent, thereby ensuring the printing quality.

Finally, fluorescent ink also has an anti-counterfeiting function. After printing, the resulting image and text look the same as those printed with ordinary ink, but they can show special colors or patterns under specific light sources, thus achieving an anti-counterfeiting effect.

In general, the emergence of fluorescent ink not only provides new possibilities for the printing industry, but also promotes technological progress in the printing industry. With the continuous development of technology, we have reason to believe that fluorescent ink will play a greater role in the future printing industry.


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