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Job Responsibilities:

1、Handle customer inquiries for quotations, track and resolve customer application needs, and sign and maintain subsequent contract orders.

2、Responsible for the company's use of existing resources and development of new network channels to develop and capture new customer markets.

3、Responsible for developing and contacting foreign customers, handling inquiries, quotations, business negotiations, and signing contracts.

4、Develop and complete sales targets based on the company's marketing plan and combined with your own capabilities and needs.

5、Compile, summarize and analyze monthly, quarterly and annual work sales data.

6、Complete monthly basic performance appraisal quantification work and actively handle problems encountered by customers.

7、Control the risks of each order of cooperative customers, including the risk of repayment, cost rate, and profit rate.

8、Responsible for the layout of international offices and in-depth local business cooperation with customers, participating in international exhibitions and follow-up.

9、Improve personal professional skills and assume due job responsibilities.

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